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we-cum-inpeace asked: I miss you more and more everyday ):


I love you kitty.

There goes my day off

They just found a new cook at Asti and Justin’s schedule goes back to normal and now we are down a cook and I’m going into overtime. Perfect timing huh?
Tomorrow is about 150$ in my pocket though.

Random day off

Too bad justin is working a double today. :/
We got coffee before he went in an then I came back home and slept. Woke up to the maintenance guys fucking slamming on my walls to fix something in Mallory’s room.
I think I’m gonna run some errands and then head to my parents house so we can have fam bam time.
Speaking of, my dad surprised me, for my culinary graduation, my aunt Lindy is coming down and we’re going to the beach again. Babe is gonna take some time off too and we’re finally gonna drive the jeep to shell beach! I’m so excited! It’s 20 miles down a protected shore so only hardcore 4x4s can get there and we’re gonna go!
Anyways, happy Thursday!


Marc Da Cunha Lopes (b. 1979, Paris, France) - From Vertebrata (Zool) series, 2010     Digital Photography

(Source: behance.net, via beneath-a-lonely-place)


Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy

(via grander-maybes)

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